Our Experience

With over ten years of manufacturing experience, we have successfully established our company as an industry leader of manufacturing high quality, low defect, hairstyling electronics and equipment. We have developed many customer-tailored products for many of the industries best brands. The key to our success is that we have the ability to create innovative new products and technology in record breaking time frames. This has enabled our team to set new standards in the hair appliance manufacturing industry. Through hard work and meaningful business partnerships, we have successfully acquired a global recognition of providing superior service and integral business practices.

Our manufacturing facility is currently located in South Korea, this facility is continually focused on improving and expanding product lines and product development times through new processes. In addition, our team at this facility is continuously testing, researching and developing the “next big thing.” Our engineers are committed to deliver problem solving solutions to new product safety and ergonomic designs.

In the end, performance is key to Turbo Ion, Inc.’s success. To achieve our “Platinum” standard of manufacturing, we are continually perfecting our streamlined process and proprietary methods. Our standards are only met by process of manufacturing in-house, hence we pride ourselves in having less than a 3% defective rate.