Turbo Ion Inc. is always in pursuit of the latest in new innovation and technology. Exclusive access to new technology is only granted to our clients. Currently, we have several new products and technologies awaiting release to the hair care and beauty market. These products have been tested, patented, trademarked and approved for use.

Turbo Ion Inc. continues to design next generation tools to support clients in staying ahead of the competition. Furthermore, Turbo Ion is consistently researching and developing new designs and new technology securing its position as a pioneer in the hair tool industry. CROC’s sophisticated research and development team consists of exceptionally qualified scientists and engineers who work around the clock to produce game changing products and technology for the hair and beauty industry.

Green Ion Technology

  • Green Wavelength Frequency
  • Pulsed Frequency of 500-575 Nm
  • Negative Ion Generation
  • 1 to 3 Million Negative Ions Per Minute
  • 100 Times More Negative Ions Over Other Market Products
Green Ion utilizes the power of negative ions and Green wavelength frequency. 500-575 Nm of Green wavelength pulsed frequency push out healthful negative ions in the amount of 1 to 3 million per minute. 100x more negative ions than any other ionic iron on the market.

Auto Shut Off

  • Proprietary Safety Feature
  • Prevents Users from Leaving Iron On
  • Auto Shut Off After 40 Min
A special safety feature that helps to protect the user and their environment. When the iron is left unattended for 40 min, the Auto shut off feature is activated. Your iron will automatically power itself off.


  • Patented Three Plate Technology
  • Three Metal Plates In One Iron (Black Titanium, Ceramic and Tourmaline)
  • 3x More Smoothing Power
  • Two Separate Heating Elements Included In Design
  • 2x Heat Generation from Top Plates
  • 1x Heat Generation from Bottom Plates
Turbo Ion patented Tri- heating plate technology provides 3x the smoothing power than other irons available today. Our Patented technology features two separate heating elements, positioned in the top plate to generate 2x the heat, while the bottom plate hosts its own separate heating element. A true innovation in professional

Heat Indicator

  • Color Changing Hot Tip Technology
  • Heat Sensitive Location on Hair Tool Changes Color
  • Safety Feature
  • Alerts User of Hot Tool
COLOR CHANGING HEAT INDICATOR is a heat sensitive safety feature, changes color to alert the user when the iron is hot and ready to use.

Advanced Ceranyx

  • Combined Elements of Ceramic and Onyx in One Barrel
  • Far-Infrared Ray Generation
  • Negative Ion Generation
  • Hair Damage Reduction Technology
  • Hi Gloss and Silkier Hair Results
ADVANCED CERANYX (CERAMIC + ONYX): With heat, the advanced ceranyx (ceramic + onyx) barrel is constantly radiating far-infrared rays and negative ions into the hair. This helps to reduce damage and give a high gloss and silkier results to the hair.

Hybrid Heat Power

  • Combination of AC Technology with DC Technology
  • Improved Accuracy of Power
  • More Efficient Design
  • Electricity Consumption Reduction
Combining AC Power and DC accuracy allows for optimum power by using minimum electricity.

Digital Control

  • Digital Based Control Technology
  • Increased Temperature Accuracy
  • Better Control Lowers Risk to Damaging Hair
  • More Effective Control Improves Performance and Product Usage Life
Accurate temperature control reduces hair damage. Accurate electric control gives effective motor performance and longevity.

Dual Voltage Control

  • Dual Voltage Irons, Hair Dryers and Hair Tools
  • Fully Adaptable to 110 V
  • Fully Adaptable to 220 V
  • Improved Life Span of Products
  • Plug and Play International Usage of Appliances
Accurate temperature control reduces damage to appliances as well as to hair. Advanced dual voltage control systems enable better cross boarder performance and improved life span of tools.


  • Ceramic Oxidizes Distribute Negative Ions
  • Negative Ions are More Abundantly Spread to Scalp
  • Ceramic Sterilzer Generate O3 and Heat to Cleanse and Purify the Hair
CERADIUM (CERAMIC+PALLADIUM) HEATERS CERAMIC OXIDIZES: Prevents acidification by alkalifying the hair by distributing negative ion to hair and scalp. CERAMIC STERILIZES: When heat is applied, ceramic generates O3 and heat energy that sterilizes the hair.

Ceramic Ball Integration

  • Ceramic Spheres are Integrated with Technology
  • Activates H2O
  • Ionizes H2O Molecules
  • Purifies Air
  • Filters Carbon Dioxide and Creates Negative Iions to Purify and Repair Hair
100% Ceramic spheres help to activate and ionize water molecules while purifying the air. The ceramic spheres filter the air containing carbon dioxide to a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions that helps to purify and repair the hair.


  • Patent Pending Technology for Safety and Better Function
  • Automatic Reduction of Temperature Reserve, When Tools are Unattended Temperature will Reduce to 350 Degrees Celsius
  • Once the Tool is Touched Again Temperature will Quickly Climb Back to Reserve Temperature
  • Extends Tool Life and Safety
Another patent pending, innovative design brought to you by our CROC team of engineers, ATR is a revolutionary design in both safety and function. Automatic Temperature reserve will automatically reduce the working temperature to 350 when unattended between uses. When picked up, the temperature will quickly climb back to the reserve temperature. This functional feature extends the longevity of the iron while also keeping the handle cool.

InfraRed Ray

  • Infrared Ray Technology
  • Reduces Frizz and Friction Damage
  • Smooths the Hair Cuticle
  • Sanitizes and Deodorizes the Hair
  • More Consistent Temperature
1. Infrared Ray provides faster heat penetration through the hair from the outer surface to the cortex saving time and the integrity of the hair. Thermal conduction creates a uniform temperature inside and out leaving less frizz and friction damage while sanitizing the hair. 2. Damage to the cuticle layer is minimized by the elimination of internal and external chafing of the hair. 3. Keeps the desired temperature constant with no sudden fluctuations, and leaves the hair resilient with detoxifying and deodorizing effects.